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(全新) Radiopaq Dots 靚聲耳機 Earphone 一個 O - 好型神秘銀黑/水銀色
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(全新) Radiopaq Dots 靚聲耳機 Earphone 一個 O - 好型神秘銀黑/水銀色 載入中‧‧‧請等待
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上載時間 2021-02-05 11:41:02
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Designed for flaunting

A thoughtful, elegant bead design, is complemented through a choice of seven funktastic, darn-right flauntable colours. Accessorising is all the rage and there is a dots. headset to go with every outfit, mood and season.
Now everyone from the coolest dude to the foxy fashionista can relax and appreciate their music in colour co-ordinated style without fear of committing a fashion faux pas.

Quality and Performance

The remarkable robust metal dots. earphones produce a sound quality to rival far more expensive plastic models. Performing to the highest acoustic standards Radiopaq’s dots. bring Hi-Fi, high quality, affordable audio output, to everyone, everywhere.

Price £15 / HK$158
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